THOM GOODWIN: Hillwood Berries

Thom is a professional economist within the food and agribusiness sector who is passionate about creating value and transforming business processes using data and analytics. He has successfully provided executive advice, operations management, process automation, and systems implementations across a variety of both commercial and public sector organisations, mainly in the areas of food manufacturing and agricultural economics.

Thom deploys business process solutions within mobile apps that generate, capture, and interact with new sources of data to drive digital transformation. Recent implementations include several operational process improvements in meat and dairy manufacturing for an ASX-listed fast-moving consumer goods company.

In his current role, Thom is implementing harvest monitoring and labour management solutions that allow berry growers to more easily and cost-effectively comply with recent variations to the Australian Horticulture Award.

Thom holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resource economics from the University of Queensland and a PhD from the University of Tasmania.