GREG CALVERT: Co-founder & Director, FreshChain Systems

Greg Calvert is a Co-founder and Director of FreshChain Systems which was established in July 2018. The company’s focus is to enhance end-to-end traceability, proof of provenance, and deeper connection through digital on-pack engagement with consumers for farmers and growers in all fresh food categories.

FreshChain works with a range of berry growers, packers and marketers to bolster consumer education and curiosity around berry consumption, storage, and use. We support increased trade access and reduced compliance costs through enhanced upstream and downstream traceability and approvals digitisation. We help share growers’ sustainability targets with consumers and gain deep insights through on-pack engagement from which decisions can be made to improve the quality and education offering. We support brands to protect their valuable brands in export markets against food fraud and counterfeit products.

Key insights include quality ratings and comments, freshness index, location scans, and repeat purchase, conversion rate, in-app usage and time spent, chain-of-custody movement, and comparison of varietals based on location, growing methods, and weather patterns as examples.

The FreshChain team’s background includes supply chain, marketing, retail technology, business improvement, and fresh food.