Latest News Across the Berry Industries

NEW Chemical Registration: PROBLAD FUNGICIDE / Botrytis grey mould / All berries

19/06/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER82986 version 3 – Boscalid + pyraclostrobin / Blueberries, Rubus and Rubus hybrids / Various diseases

14/06/2024/by Jane Richter

The latest Impact Update from Hort Innovation

30/05/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER88174 Version 2 – Danadim / Blueberries / QLD Fruit Fly

22/05/2024/by Jane Richter

STRAWBERRY-Foliar Nematodes 2024

08/05/2024/by Jane Richter

NSW Clean Coastal Catchments On- farm grants for intensive horticulture

24/04/2024/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia Submission into the Agriculture (Biosecurity Protection) Levies Bill 2024 [Provisions] and related bills Inquiry

18/04/2024/by Jane Richter

APVMA performance drop costs Australian farmers millions

09/04/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT ISSUED: PER94616 Version 1 – Simodis Plinazolin technology Insecticide (isocycloseram) / Various berries / Chilli thrips

09/04/2024/by Jane Richter

For Sale: Rainberry Farm, Forcett TAS

08/04/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER14740 Version 4 – Propiconazole / Blueberries / Blueberry rust

08/04/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER90208 Version 2 – Sulfoxaflor / Raspberries & Blackberries / Cottonseed Bug

08/04/2024/by Jane Richter

National Lean Leaders Program – Funded places available to Rubus levy payers

03/04/2024/by Jane Richter

Mark Salter visits Queensland growers 19-20 March 2024

25/03/2024/by Jane Richter

Permit Extended: PER91907 Version 2 – Tebufenozide / Blueberry / Lepidopteran (including but not exclusively Tortricidae and Helicoverpa)

24/03/2024/by Jane Richter

Check out the NEW Berries Australia Resource Library

01/03/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER87245 Version 2 – Apparent Sulfur 800 WG Fungicide and Miticide / Blackberries / Broad mites, Two-spotted mites, Bean spider mites and Red berry

21/02/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER90178 Version 2 – Versys Insecticide / Raspberries & Blackberries (Cane berries) / Aphids & Greenhouse Whitefly

20/02/2024/by Jane Richter


20/02/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER87408 Version 2 – Success Neo Insecticide / Blueberries, Strawberries, Rubus and Rubus hybrids / fruit fly

14/02/2024/by Jane Richter

Latest 22-23 Horticulture Statistics Handbook now available

14/02/2024/by Jane Richter

Hort Connections 2024 coming to Melbourne 3-5 June

30/01/2024/by Jane Richter

PERMIT EXTENDED: PER87495 Version 2 – Methomyl / Blueberries / Red-shouldered leaf beetle, Helicoverpa spp. & Plague thrips

15/12/2023/by Jane Richter

Permit Extended: PER14443 Version 3 – Copper Hydroxide / Rubus spp (incl. raspberries & blackberries) / Rust & Leaf Spot

29/11/2023/by Jane Richter

The latest Impact Update from Hort Innovation

29/11/2023/by Jane Richter

Permit Extended: PER86489 version 2 – Fenhexamid/Blueberry/Grey Mould

20/11/2023/by Jane Richter

Latest Fund Annual report released for the Australian Berry Industries

24/10/2023/by Jane Richter

Biosecurity Protection Levy submission – Berries Australia

24/10/2023/by Jane Richter

Singing the Blues in Vietnam

13/10/2023/by Jane Richter

Varroa Mite – change to response strategy

28/09/2023/by Jane Richter

STRAWBERRY-Foliar Nematodes

19/09/2023/by Jane Richter

Horticulture confirmed as big contributor to Coffs regional economy

16/08/2023/by Jane Richter

FOR SALE 20′ Freezer Container – PRICE REDUCED to $12,000

16/08/2023/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia MRL App launched

01/08/2023/by Jane Richter

Permit Extended: PER81745 version 3 – Chlorpyrifos / Strawberries / Scarab beetles

21/07/2023/by Jane Richter

FOR SALE Conveyors & Rotating Grading Tables

18/07/2023/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia International Market Tour – Register before 18 May

02/05/2023/by Jane Richter

Don’t miss Hort Connections this year in Adelaide 5-7 June

28/04/2023/by Jane Richter

Get ready for the NFFC National Fruit Fly Symposium

28/04/2023/by Jane Richter

$11.5M effort to deliver bot-ready strawberries

24/03/2023/by Jane Richter

Latest Horticulture Statistics Handbook now available

15/03/2023/by Jane Richter

Proposal to amend the Raspberry and Blackberry levy

18/01/2023/by Jane Richter

Project outputs released: Alternative growing media for hydroponic berry production – a desktop review (RB21002)

10/01/2023/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia welcomes new Coffs Recovery and Resilience Officer

20/12/2022/by Jane Richter

Latest Fruit & Veg consumer insights research released

28/11/2022/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia announces changes of the guard

08/11/2022/by Jane Richter

NFF: ‘Cost of living’ budget could do more to tackle grocery costs

31/10/2022/by Jane Richter

Latest Fund Annual report released for the Australian Berry Industries

26/10/2022/by Jane Richter

2022-57 – Plant Export Reform Program – Recognition of food safety certification to streamline export audits

14/09/2022/by Jane Richter

Opportunity to attend Berries Australia in-market program for Asia Fruit Logistica from 1–4 Nov 2022

05/09/2022/by Jane Richter

Hort Council Election priorities announced

25/04/2022/by Jane Richter

Introducing Australian Retirement Trust

17/12/2021/by Jane Richter

Gold Coast announced as location for BerryQuest International

27/11/2021/by Jane Richter

Setting the course for protected cropping

26/11/2021/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia welcomes Pacific Worker scheme reforms

24/11/2021/by Jane Richter

Enforcement is key to new piece rate rules

08/11/2021/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia supports EPA pesticide action in Woolgoolga

14/10/2021/by Jane Richter

Berry industry pulling together in new North Coast working group

08/09/2021/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia welcomes new Ag Visa

comes new
23/08/2021/by Jane Richter

Drones in Agriculture

27/07/2021/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia Response to Pacific Labour Mobility Consultation

19/07/2021/by Jane Richter

How to beat labour shortages for your strawberry crop

25/05/2021/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia thanks NSW Government for quarantine subsidy

08/04/2021/by Jane Richter

Christian Parsons joins Berries Australia Board

05/03/2021/by Jane Richter

Galuku, partnering with growers to help you succeed

17/02/2021/by Jane Richter

Berry body responds to allegations of worker underpayment

04/12/2020/by Jane Richter

Berry body calls for fast tracking of national labour hire licensing scheme

03/12/2020/by Jane Richter

Berries Australia wins a 2020 SafeWork NSW Award

29/10/2020/by Jane Richter

Letter to the Editor: Coffs Coast Advocate

22/09/2020/by Jane Richter

Be a Sector Leader in Protected Cropping

25/08/2020/by Jane Richter