Meet the Berries Australia team

Here is the team of talented individuals who have been brought together to deliver the Industry Development and Communications project for the berry industries in Australia as a service delivery partner to Hort Innovation.


1300 201 713   |    PO Box 578,  Archerfield, Qld 4108


Wendy Morris – Qld


Gaius Leong – NSW


Berries Australia Export Manager


Angela Atkinson – Vic & SA


Angela Atkinson – Vic & SA


Helen Newman & Aileen Reid – IDO Team WA


Mark Salter – Tasmania

Berries Australia Project, Export, Communication & Support Team

<center>Rachel Mackenzie</center>

Rachel Mackenzie

Executive Director

Rachel Mackenzie was awarded the Women in Horticulture Award at the 2018 Horticulture Connections conference in recognition of her contribution to the sector and we are pleased that she will be able to apply her skills to the berry category.

Rachel was instrumental in establishing Growcom’s Fair Farms Initiative to improve workplace standards across Australian horticulture, has instigated and managed several key projects aimed at implementing Best Management Practices with respect to water quality and has been a strong voice for growers in relation to competition policy.

Rachel has shown herself to be a passionate supporter of growers through her sustained advocacy, including her tireless support for the strawberry industry during its challenges in the 2018 winter season.

<center>Jen Rowling</center>

Jen Rowling

Projects Manager

Originally from Cairns, Jen started her career in the non-profit sector with Care Australia in Cambodia for 18 months. It was an eye-opening experience to understand how other cultures and countries tackle daily life.

Returning to Queensland with a new appreciation for the privileged lives we lead in Australia, Jen continued her career with another incredibly worthwhile cause - the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. She spent fifteen years working for a range of cause-related organisations doing her bit to make the world a much better place.

After a two year break to start a family, Jen & her partner made a move to the Sunshine Coast where she discovered the joys of horticulture as the Industry Development Officer for Queensland Strawberries.

Jen was the face of the 2018 industry crisis and has gone on to work in the aftermath, with Strawberries Australia, to make the industry stronger and more resilient.

As the Projects Manager for Berries Australia, Jen now has the ability to make an impact nationally across all the berry industries.

<center>Jenny Van de Meeberg</center>

Jenny Van de Meeberg

Export Manager

Jenny Van de Meeberg is the Principal Consultant at VDM Partners, an independent consultancy based in Canberra providing international trade services in the field of market access, market entry and market development for industry.

Jenny has extensive experience in the field of international trade having spent over 10 years in senior roles with Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ), Austrade and more recently Hort Innovation.

<center>Jane Richter</center>

Jane Richter

Communications Manager

Jane is an independent consultant working in the horticulture industry. After a long professional career in FMCG marketing both here and in the UK, Jane and her husband made a tree change and became horticulture farmers in 2014.

Within a few short years, she found herself leading the competitive pitch for the industry communication project on behalf of her fellow growers and she has been heavily involved in horticulture ever since, both as a communicator and a marketing consultant.

As a former grower herself, Jane is passionate about ensuring that the statutory levy money invested by Hort Innovation on behalf of industries achieves the best possible outcomes and delivers real value for money.

<center>Claire McCrory</center>

Claire McCrory

Administration & Membership Officer

Claire was the original Industry Development Officer for Tasmania as part of the first joint Berries Australia project MT18020 which commenced in late 2019.

Claire moved on to family priorities for a period of time and in February 2024 we were fortunate to welcome her back to the team.

Claire brings a wealth of experience in the horticulture industry with her to the role of Administration and Membership Officer - welcome back Claire.