Postharvest diseases and disorders of strawberries

This fact sheet provides information on a range of postharvest diseases and disorders that occur in strawberry production. As there are currently no postharvest fungicides available for strawberries, management involves a range of tasks that are to be undertaken throughout the production cycle. It’s important to note that pre-harvest factors like plant spacing, weed pressure, air flow between plants, correct application of fungicides, and postharvest factors like handling and storage, all have the ability to contribute to a disease incursion. The correct management of these factors can significantly reduce the likelihood of infestation, and result in a profitable harvest. For information about how to manage strawberries during and after harvest please refer to the chapter on postharvest handling of strawberries in the Good Practice Guide.

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Categories: Chemicals, Diseases, Postharvest, Strawberry
Author: RMCG