FRESH PLAZA: Low raspberry supply leads to high prices in Belgium

Publication Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2019

“There are very few raspberries on the market at the moment. This low supply is certainly a result of last month’s hot weather,” says Filip Devlieghere of the Belgian Frambozenkwekerij Devlieghere. “This low supply has resulted in excellent prices for this time of year. You pay €1,40 for 125g. This works out to €11,20 per kg. You can at least make some money with prices like these.”

“We have been pleased with the prices since the start of the season. There was a slight dip in prices, but that was over soon. This year, we see the raspberry supply is nicely spread out. There is also very little competition on the market from imported products,” Flip continues.

“Demand is very high too. You see this demand increasing every year. We have noticed this, especially with sales from our own store. Raspberries are a very healthy product that fit in well with the current health trends.”

“We have now started with the later raspberry varieties. These are grown under rain shelters. When it comes to quality, it has been a great year. When it was so hot, we did have some scorched raspberries, but not an extreme amount of loss.”

“This year, we have been able to sell a lot of ‘extra plus’ raspberries. We are very satisfied with the season so far,” concludes Devlieghere.