JOE MCGEE: CEO & Executive Chairman, Harvest CROO Robotics

Dr. Joe McGee is the CEO &d Executive Chairman for Harvest CROO Robotics, based in Tampa Florida. Dr. McGee leads a team of Engineers who have created a fully autonomous Robotic harvester that is set to revolutionise the strawberry industry. Previously a senior executive at Jabil, he has a proven track record of working through the early growth and funding phases in start-ups and creating exceptional business growth.

His unique combination of experience includes manufacturing, infrastructure development, developing partnerships and strategic alliances, and funding start-ups at all stages.

His visionary leadership has been pivotal in enabling Harvest CROO to successfully navigate major growth events, funding rounds and manufacturing challenges. Dr. McGee and the team have recently declared a working machine and will be starting their first commercial Harvesting Service for select Florida growers this year.