Next generation of strawberry disease control

This article is about the next generation of strawberry disease control. BioClayTM is a completely new crop protection approach that is non-genetically modified, safe and environmentally sensitive. Grey mould caused by Botrytis sp. is a serious pre- and post-harvest disease of berries, and other crops. The team have developed sensitive in vitro assays to measure the effectiveness of BioClay against Botrytis on different tissues of strawberry plants.

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Categories: Australian Berry Journal, Diseases, Hort Innovation, Innovation & Technology, Integrated Pest & Disease Management, Winter 23
Tags: Apollo Gomez, Dr Donovan Garcia Ceron, Dr Scott Mattner, Lorena Rodriguez Coy, Marlo Molinaro, Tony Gendall
Author: Apollo Gomez, Donovan Garcia Ceron, Lorena Rodriguez Coy, Marlo Molinaro, Scott Mattner, Tony Gendall