Better pollination knowledge can grow better berries

This article is about better pollination knowledge and how it can grow better berries. The relationship between crop pollination, fruit quality, and yield is the result of the interaction between insect pollinator and crop plant biology. The type of pollen transferred from an insect can vary in importance depending on how much the plant needs insects to move its pollen. All crop cultivars exist somewhere along a gradient of low to high pollinator dependency.

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Categories: Australian Berry Journal, Beneficials, Industry, Pollination, Winter 23
Author: Abby Davis, Bar Shermeister, Blake Dawson, Brian Cutting, David J. Perović, Jelena Preradovic, Jeremy Jones, Jessica Scalzo, Karen C.B.S. Santos, Lena Schmidt, Lisa Evans, Maurizio Rocchetti, Melissa Broussard, Romina Rader