FIONA TURNER: CEO & Co-founder of Bitwise Agronomy

Fiona is an innovator, disruptor, and lover of technology. Fiona is a results-oriented technology professional with over 15 years of experience in new product development for Ag, infrastructure, utilities, construction/asset management, government, banking, and manufacturing industries.

She recognises the need for aligning IT services with business aspirations. Fiona brings her skills as a thought leader in digital transformation, a clear strategic vision, and innovative approaches to data management and technology.

Fiona brings a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and based on this she is the Co-founder and CEO of Bitwise Agronomy, an Artificial intelligence company giving insights to farmers based on easy and affordable GoPro imagery.

Fiona recently won the WAI Ai in Agribusiness award for ANZ and also came runner up in the WAI ANZ Innovator of the year. Most recently Fiona won the MacroMeats Pitch to Farmers at AdvanceAG.