Australian Strawberry Breeding Program Update

A new variety, wrap-up of the subtropical season, and an update of Mediterranean and temperate seasons from project BS22000: Australian Strawberry Breeding Program

EXP-Getting Retailers ‘Berry Ready’ in Thailand

Strawberry exporters from Western Australia travelled to Bangkok in July 2023 to present a series of training workshops and promotional activities for two of Thailand’s major retailers.

Strawberry runner production on display at JCLM Farming

Report from Fruit Growers Tasmania and Berries Australia strawberry runner field day held in February 2023 at JCLM Farming Pty Ltd, who operate an 80ha farm at Ouse in Tasmania’s central highlands.

The use of heat in horticulture for pest and disease control

You may be familiar with heat being used for virus elimination in plants (thermotherapy), but heat, as hot water, has been used for many years in horticulture to control or eliminate various pests and diseases, particularly in bulb crops for the elimination of nematodes.

Hort Innovation Strawberry Fund Annual Report 2019/20

Annual Report about levy fund investments