KATO 260 Blueberry Grader

SOLD – KATO 260 Blueberry Grader – Batlow NSW

  • Commissioned and used for 2018/2019 season only
  • Due to impact of bushfires on our blueberry blocks during 2019/2020 berry season, is no longer required
  • Designed to provide versatility in any fruit sorting condition. Whether sizing fruit into numerous bands or removing defective fruit, the KATO 260 provides five outlets for a seamless sorting option for any size packing facility
  • Unique rolling conveyor system singulates and rotates blueberries to allow for complete 360-degree surface inspection
  • Cameras take multiple pictures of each piece of fruit and are capable of identifying defects down to 0.2mm ensure a maximum level of accuracy in sorting for size, colour, softness, bruising, decay, dehydrations, stems, peeling and scarring
  • Can accurately sort at speeds of up to 2,000 kg per hour
  • Special consideration has been made to ensure the gentle handling of product to maximise bloom retention and shelf life
  • Built from stainless steel and has a clean-in-place functionality, along with fully wash down spec components for ease of cleaning. An interior brush has been built in to clean the belt as its running.