How to get the best results when establishing strawberry transplants

Healthy strawberry runners, more high-quality fruit

High quality runners, free of disease, are key to a successful final product. Underpinning the success and viability of the Australian strawberry industry is a certification and inspection program that supports production of high-quality high-health runners. With increasing climatic variation, as well as the phasing out of methyl bromide for fumigation, the Australian strawberry industry may see the emergence of new serious pathogens. Starting with certified planting stock will help the strawberry industry to limit the impact of emerging and re-emerging pests and disease.

Strawberry runner production on display at JCLM Farming

Report from Fruit Growers Tasmania and Berries Australia strawberry runner field day held in February 2023 at JCLM Farming Pty Ltd, who operate an 80ha farm at Ouse in Tasmania’s central highlands.