PEST-Chilli Thrips

Chilli thrips have quickly jumped onto the radar of many horticulturalists in Western Australia despite having been present in northern Australia for around 20 years. The first complaints from home gardeners in the Perth metro area were received in approximately 2020. This was followed by table grape growers the following year and by berry growers in 2021/22. This highly polyphagous pest, with a wide host range of 225 plant species, is known around the world to be notoriously difficult to manage and can cause significant economic damage to horticulture.

PEST-Red shouldered leaf beetle (Monolepta australis)

The Red shouldered leaf beetle Monolepta australis Jacoby (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera) is an increasingly important insect pest with impacts on numerous horticultural industries throughout Queensland, northern NSW, and subcoastal parts of the Northern Territory.