COVID-19 :: Isolation Rules

Last Update: 18/10/22

It is no longer a legal requirement for people diagnosed with COVID-19 to isolate.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you must not visit high-risk settings like aged and disability care facilities and hospitals, unless seeking immediate medical care, until at least 7 days after testing positive and you have no symptoms of COVID-19.

For the 7 days following your positive test result, you may consider additional precautionary measures to protecting the health of your loved ones, and those most at risk from severe COVID illness in the community.

To help protect those around you:

  • Avoid contact with people who are at higher risk of severe disease, including immunosuppressed people, older people, and people with a disability with multiple conditions
  • Wear a mask when in an indoor setting outside the home
  • Work from home where practical
  • Practise careful hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Follow any jurisdictional testing advice when leaving the home

In some states or territories, high-risk settings may require COVID-19 cases to follow additional requirements.

State and territory health authorities have information, resources and links for more support for people with COVID-19: