COVID-19 :: Isolation Rules

Last Update: 23/9/22

We are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to contain it have the potential to significantly impact your business, particularly where the movement of goods and workers are concerned.

This page is dedicated to providing the latest information on the rules for Isolation after testing positive to COVID-19.

Although we are endeavouring to ensure this is kept fully up-to-date,  we recommend that you always review the state information direct on the relevant state website prior to making business decisions.

Latest summary by State/Territory

QLD If you get COVID-19, you need to immediately isolate yourself at your home, or other accommodation, for 5 full days from the date you had your test.


The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has business continuity planning tools, including the latest COVID-19 information and translated materials for diverse workforces, on the Agribusiness Continuity Planning eHub.

NSW Self-isolate immediately for 5 days from the day you did your test. You must  comply with these five requirements


VIC If you test positive for COVID-19, you must isolate for at least 5 days or up to 7 days from the date you took your test. The number of days you must isolate depends on whether you have symptoms.


SA You must isolate for 5 days after you had your positive COVID-19 PCR test taken or tested positive using a rapid antigen test.


TAS If you test positive to COVID-19 you must isolate for a minimum of 5 days. You must NOT leave isolation if you have ongoing respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat, difficulty breathing) and you must take extra precautions when you do leave isolation.


WA Changes to COVID-19 isolation and mask wearing requirements are in effect from Friday 9 September.

Isolate at home for 5 complete days.