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Berries Australia v2.0 Covid-19 Berry Farm Checklist

This useful checklist will help you to identify the risk areas on your farm and develop a documented plan to minimise risks for your workers and your business

Berries Australia v2.0 Worker Disclosure Form

It is advised to use this self-declaration form with all employees to document their COVID-19 status prior to commencing work in your business.

NSW businesses – ensure that you have sighted the Visa Holder Declaration Form and indicate this on the new box at the end of V2.0 of this Worker Disclosure Form. We also recommend that you take a copy/photo of the completed form showing the Visa Number of the employee as the documentary evidence.

Berries Australia  v1.0 Visitor Screening Form

Use this form to screen all external visitors that enter your farm business.

Hand Washing Posters

A vital part of your COVID-19 Safety Plan is ensuring you have clear hand washing instructions posted everywhere that hand washing or Hand Rub cleaning needs to take place.

Workplace Safety

Due to the high number of workers from non-English speaking backgrounds in our sector, we have prepared a poster to print out and put in your packing shed, staff facilities like lunchroom and any worker accommodation.

Workplace COVID-19 Outbreak – learnings from Cedar Meats

Following the significant outbreak of COVID-19 at a Melbourne meat works, an initial report of the events and the actions taken have been compiled and are available on the Avocados Australia website as a useful real life example of what happens when COVID-19 is found to be in a workplace.

COVID-19 :: Berries Australia Webinar Q&A series

Berries Australia is hosting a series of Q&A Webinars – facilitated by Cynthia Mahoney – to give growers the chance to get all their questions answered. The recorded Webinars will be added here.

Berries Australia: Covid-19 Q&A Webinar with Rachel Mackenzie :: Queensland 15/4/20

Berries Australia: Covid-19 Q&A Webinar with Rachel Mackenzie :: Victoria & SA 5/5/20

Berries Australia: Covid-19 Q&A Webinar with Rachel Mackenzie :: NSW 12/5/20

COVID-19 :: The Burst – News Alerts


  • Important State Updates with significant changes to Border Rules
  • Victoria enters Stage 4 – Permits required for Workers
  • Complete the Hort Innovation Seasonal Labour Survey and provide vital input into labour planning for coming seasons


  • State Updates
  • Download the COVIDSAFE App


  • Download the COVIDSAFE App
  • ATO clarification on JobKeeper payment eligibility
  • State updates
  • Harvest to Home published first look at Covid-19 impact on fresh produce sales
  • Learn how to use storytelling to help your farm business to stand out from the crowd


  • Visa Changes – access more information including material in foreign languages
  • Introducing Mark Tucker – Senior Agriculture Engagement Officer at DAWE
  • Download the Berries Australia Farm Risk Checklist
  • Hand Sanitiser :: Important Information about the composition required for COVID-19 efficacy
  • COVID-19 :: State Updates
  • Understanding your Privacy obligations to your staff


  • Federal Government announces changes to Backpacker Visas allowing stays to be extended
  • NFF launches new FARM Workplace Guide for managing your business during COVID-19


  • Horticulture declared an Essential Service nationally
  • Understanding the difference between CLOSE and CASUAL contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Access the updated SAFE WORK guidelines
  • Important updates by State including up-to-date border management information
  • Access Fact Sheets and COVID-19 resources in many languages
  • Finding Licensed Labour Hire providers in SA, QLD and WA – all other states are currently unlicensed
  • And finally don’t forget to look after your own wellbeing


  • Border controls explained where information is available
  • State by State support for business explained
  • Request for QUEENSLAND growers to complete a very short survey of Forecast labour needs
  • Recommendation that you require all workers to fill in a worker disclosure form before starting work on your farm and a template is supplied
  • Template for Health Plan required for queensland Employers bringing workers in from interstate
  • Links to apply for a Qld Border Pass
  • Links to further resources


  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet & Workplace Guidelines
  • Growers also need to be familiar with the workplace laws relating to quarantine arrangements – access the Growcom COVID-19 Fact Sheet
  • Workplace Safety – Berris Australia has prepared a Workplace Safety Poster for display in staff areas
  • Useful Resources – by state and links to translated resources
  • 12 step guide to Hand Washing